Permanent Staffing Solutions

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Hiring permanent staff and integrating them into your organization is a significant commitment, so be sure you're making it to the proper individuals. Our Permanent Recruitment Services assist you in finding the perfect match.

Permanent Staffing Services

Permanent Staffing Services from SPC provide you with access to completely screened and qualified workers in any field. We have a team of professionals dedicated to supporting your company in attaining its business objectives. Our methodology is faultless, ensuring that we give the best prospects at any level to our clients in less time.

Permanent Recruitment Services


You're losing valuable time, money, and energy if you're knee-deep in resumes from people who don't fulfill the needs of your project or business. Leave employment issues to the specialists so you can devote your time and energy to what matters most: your core business. You can count on our skilled recruiters to locate the ideal individuals for you, whether you need to expand your team for new projects or replenish your current workforce.

At SPC, we help our clients find the right job for them. You can trust us to offer you with the best personnel that are willing to work hard and stay loyal to you as your Permanent Staffing Solutions supplier.

How does SPC Permanent Staffing Services work?

Before we begin looking for individuals, we thoroughly examine your criteria, conduct extensive industry research, and generate excitement about your firm in order to attract the greatest people. No other Permanent Recruitment Services can match the caliber of our applicants, which we identify using our tried-and-true methods. We will tailor our talent search to your specific needs so that we can select the individuals or teams most competent in dealing with the unique issues they will experience at the company.

Our Permanent Staffing Solutions employ client-specific and consultative tactics to find the ideal match for your company's culture and business objectives. We've developed a streamlined sourcing and delivery process that lowers all costs involved with hiring, onboarding, and training new employees.


Recognize your requirements.

We'll spend time getting to know your company, its long- and short-term objectives, culture, and history. If necessary, we'll come to your office to get a better understanding of the tasks and responsibilities of the ideal person you're seeking for.

Plan of recruitment that is unique to you

We'll build a unique recruiting plan for you when we've acquired all of the information. We have a large network of job seekers and excellent prospects that aren't actively seeking for a new job but would consider a good offer.

To broaden our search, we also employ strategic alliances, personal networks, and contacts at civic and professional organizations.

Candidate shortlisting and verification

Once we've narrowed down a few individuals, we'll conduct individualised interviews to begin the shortlisting process. The most qualified individuals will have both the hard and soft skills required for the job.

We also run a background check on the candidate, as well as verifying their work history and professional references.

We choose the most qualified candidates from this pool and send you their profiles. We collaborate closely with you to identify the best candidate and finalize the job offer.

Putting the finishing touches and following up

We'll also assist you with collecting the candidate's signature on the offer letter, managing negotiations, and securing the final job offer. We also have a continual follow-up procedure in which we work with both you and the candidate to ensure a seamless onboarding process.

It's difficult to discover dependable personnel that fulfills your specific requirements in today's competitive industry. SPC Permanent Recruitment Services tackles your personnel challenge by identifying and recruiting the top people with the potential to become long-term employees.


Q. What is the definition of permanent staffing?

A. Permanent staffing is the practise of providing organisations with qualified applicants for long-term employment. On the basis of salary, cultural resonance, job description, and experience, a permanent staffing service provider gathers the best fit applicants.

Q. What is contract staffing and how does it work?

A. Unlike full-time permanent employees, contractual staffing entails enrolling employees for short-term service contracts. Contractual staffing has grown in popularity as a result of the numerous benefits it provides to both workers and employers, as well as the increased hiring flexibility it provides.

Q. What are the different sorts of staffing?

A. The following are the three major forms of staffing:

Staffing on a contract basis or for a limited time

Staffing on a contract-to-hire basis

Staffing for direct placement

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